Black Church “Vote By Mail” Campaign!

vote by mail logo.jpg

We’re launching the Black Church Vote By Mail Campaign!!! We need every African American congregation in Georgia to have it’s members secure an absentee ballot NOW!!! Then choose a Sunday in October (preferably the 21st or 28th) and vote together in worship as a collective sacred act. Then mail the ballots in immediately after service!!! This can/will shift “black church” voter turnout exponentially!!! Thank you to the Bishops of the AME, AME Zion and CME churches in Georgia who have ALL agreed to have their congregations participate as well as Ebenezer Baptist Church and Wheat Street Baptist church! And you should too!!!

Here’s how your congregation can participate:

Step 1: Sign up to join the campaign by clicking here.

Step 2: Congregations retrieve a copy of the absentee ballot request form. The form can be found at this link. We recommend making as many copies as you deem necessary. Then disseminate the forms to the registered voters within your congregation to fill out and return. Some congregations may opt to have people fill out the form on their own. Though we recommend providing forms. Either way works. Once they return the forms we recommend the congregation’s administrator or assigned committee either hand deliver, scan & email, or fax them back to the county board of elections for each ballot. Absentee ballot can be requested up to 180 days before the Nov. 6th election and ballots will be mailed out starting September 14, 2018.

Step 3: Pass out voter pledge card to congregants so that we can remind people to bring their ballots to vote on chosen Sunday and help make sure EVERY ballot is counted by the board of elections. (Pledge cards can be provided by the New Georgia Project)

Step 4: Choose a Sunday (preferably October 21st or October 28th) to collectively vote by mail in a worship service. This should be a non-partisan act, simply signifying collective faith civic engagement through voting. Envelopes and postage should be provided so that ballots can be sealed by congregants on the Sunday of the service and mailed back to the appropriate board of elections. Keep in mind each voter must be mailed with name of voter on envelope. We recommend that congregations take a picture that displays this collective action. For example, a congregation might take a picture or record a video marching to the mail box to send off ballots or have congregants raise up ballots in the service for a group photo.

Step 5: Verify if each ballot was received. This can be done by logging into and checking to see if the voter ballot was received. (Keep in mind that all ballots must be received by the respective county board of elections offices by Friday November 2nd.

Step 6: Make a statement in the November election!!!

For campaign questions and inquiries email Rev. Billy Michael Honor at

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