Our Work


Loose the Chains has three primary action components:

(A) Promoting a Progressive Faith-based Social Agenda
(B) Planning Opportunities for Civic Organizing and Disruption
(C) Providing minority focused voter Registration, Education and Mobilization
Promoting a Progressive Faith-based Social Agenda
At the heart of “Loose the Chains” is the commitment to amplify the collective power of Georgia faith communities by uniting diverse faith voices and equipping grassroots leaders to stand up for what their communities need. The way we accomplish this is by helping faith communities and leaders craft and formulate well thought out faith-based social agendas that articulate their moral and political desires for their state and local area.

Plan opportunities for Civic Organizing and Civil Disobedience
Another central element of Loose the Chains is advancing progressive social agendas by planning opportunities for civic organizing and disruption. We accomplish this by helping initiate change by organizing faith based petitioning, lobbying, writing letters, and going to court etc. However, we also believe that when these methods fail and/or are ignored, acts of civil disobedience become necessary.  To this end we also help by providing training, guidance and media attention for those interested in engaging in faith based acts of civil disobedience.

Provide minority Driven voter registration, education and mobilization

Loose the Chains campaign firmly believes that breaking the hold of social injustice involves winning system-wide changes that improve the lives of Georgians. And such wins only come through voting. Therefore our campaign is committed to voter registration, education and mobilization. Specifically we are committed to mobilizing an educated and engaged progressive faith-based voting bloc in Georgia.

We accomplish this through voter pledge card distribution, voter registration drives, voter turnout efforts and faith-based voter education opportunities like forums, debates and primary gatherings.